Painting and treatment of material finishes

Officine Donini has accrued the experience and skill required to manage the various types of materials in the final phase: in-depth knowledge of the possible finishes on the various materials used, such as steel, brass and iron translates to a fundamental ability to exploit and manage the effects achieved with various finishes and individual treatments.

Some of the most popular tasks include painting, polishing and satin finishing of materials, and burnishing of brass.

Another area in which Officine Donini excels, owing to its ability to interpret the customer’s idea and bring it to life, backed by its experience and know-how of materials and how they behave.

From concept to assembly

We are not merely craftsmen who limit our tasks to performing a job: we accompany our customers, or the architects they have appointed, from concept to the choice of the best materials and products. We create engineered technical drawings with the necessary construction solutions, we produce and install, providing turnkey solutions.

Find out how we can help you design and bring to life your design plans. Contact us, we’ll be happy to listen to your requests and offer you the best solution to suit your particular needs!