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Aiming for the future thanks to a past brimming with success, passion, experience and the will to grow. As Fabio and Massimo Algisi, owners and directors of Officine Donini, look back on their company’s artisanal spirit and history, they find it easy to look forward with great expectations.

They are aware of the importance of having inherited a craft, experiencing the warm, and sometimes convivial implications of living through a time when working together also meant swapping trade stories before a salami sandwich, an almost rare Mantuan virtue.

But they are also crystal clear about where they are going, day after day, with their continuous investment in men and means.

“We have taken on board our entire family’s history, right from the early days when our grandfather founded the business, through to the establishment of our modern production facility. We do this without even thinking, but we use all that experience, that passion, the commitment that we have learnt and made our own, in all our precision work, our production choices, and the expertise we invest from the idea to the finished product. We couldn’t have grown or strived to move forward without a solid foundation.”

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Today, Fabio and Massimo provide customers with a highly qualified team of professionals who are kept continuously up to date. Moreover, they have acquired the highest performance machinery so as to complete all the main processing steps in-house, something that makes delivery faster and more accurate, thus optimising costs.

From design to finish, each step is performed internally, meeting the latest quality standards. For this reason, Officine Donini is a partner of excellence involved in many projects that represent Italian production worldwide.

Excellent support for companies and private individuals who seek high quality work!


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